Directly links your business performance to rewarding and recognizing your employees in real-time


Recognise and reward business performance

Redeemable points that can be awarded to drive business results, recognizing the contribution of employees and teams

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  • Real Time
    Points awarding & digital gift card redemption
  • Secure
    multi-level authorization
  • Agile
    top up points when needed
  • Comprehensive
    vast range of e-vouchers
  • Insightful
    identify good & weak performance areas
  • Cloud Based
    no on-premise IT overheads
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  • Sales Targets
  • Personal objectives
  • Long service
  • Customer Service
  • Personal Development
  • Attendance
  • Prospect Referrals
  • Personal Events
  • Customer Enhancements
  • Productivity Targets
  • Compliance
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  • Whole Organisations
  • Management Teams
  • High Performers
  • Critical Personnel
  • Subsidiaries
  • Departments or Functions
  • Specific Teams
  • Projects
  • Pilot Groups
  • Individual Employees

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The rewards scheme is designed to recognise and reward high performing employees with digital gift card via a points system


  • Strengthens a ‘performance driven culture’

    by directly linking rewards to tangible business outcomes.

  • Enhances management focus and intervention

    by tracking and comparing rewards allocation and associated performance.

  • Increases employee engagement

    by ensuring employees can clearly see that their effort and performance is directly linked to tangible recognition.

  • Improves employee retention

    through clearly recognising performance and encouraging employees continue to accumulate reward points.

  • Supports effective communication

    by adding a further channel to an organisation’s existing infrastructure to enable targeted direct and/or group messaging.


  • Flexible rewards point values

    The value of reward points for each scheme can be defined to allow maximum value and flexibility.

  • Multi-scheme and/or project

    The approach can be applied company-wide, to specified groups or for specific targeted projects.

  • Wide array of Digital Gift Cards

    We offer a wide array of Digital Gift Cards and you have the option of limiting which of those are available on your rewards scheme.

  • Rolling points expiry

    Flexible rolling points expiry ensures that year to year business costs are predictable and can be managed.

  • Full support

    Email and telephone support for product and system queries, supported by a client branded employee portal.


The employer decides on a performance driven rewards budget for the year. This is transferred into allocatable points that can then be awarded for performance. Employees with accumulated points can then redeem them against a wide variety of products.

It’s up to each organisation depending upon the scope, needs and requirements. We suggest however that in order to make this practical and viable, there is a minimum initial budget at £100 per head.

Once the budget is agreed, the employer ‘buys’ the points from Emgage to then allocate as they see fit, this allowing for clear budgeting with no ‘surprise’ extra costs.

They are notified and congratulated based upon the reason for the points allocation and the additional points are stored in the employees ‘EmPoints’ account. The employee then has the choice to continue to accumulate or redeem against a wide range of products and services.

The employers administrator can monitor total points, those being allocated and those that have been redeemed. There is also multi-tier authorisation prior to any points being fully allocated, this allowing the employer to maintain full oversight and control throughout.

Thorough the HR analytics dashboard, the administrator is able to see total number of points, reasons for their allocation, segmentation by location, team and/or function, who holds points, where and when they have been redeemed and trends in performance associated with points.

There are default categories as well as user defined categories for points awards, this allowing each scheme to be tailored to individual employer needs.

Points expiry can be time-bound as agreed however, in most cases, provided the employer has purchased points in advance, these can be left open to allow employees to accumulate and drive for greater performance.


When a manager wishes to make an award, they must identify who, the reasons for the award and how many points they wish to allocate. The appropriate authorisers are then automatically notified. Only once approved is the recipient advised of their award.

There is a vast array of product and services available. These are being added and adjusted continually as new items and specification becomes available. Have a look through the website for more details. Employers can also specify if they wish certain items to be added or deleted.

Our automated algorithm ensures that only products that are within reach are made available to employees, thus driving aspirational performance. This is supported by communication to ensure that performance is communicated and can be published publicly. Employees can directly link their goals and performance to their reward and recognition.

This could be against personal objectives, company targets, team targets, project deliverables or milestones, long service etc … it is completely up to each employer to decide and is completely flexible.

It can be limited to a team, a functional area, a project team, a geographic location or wider. Further groups can be added at a later date e.g. after a pilot programme for instance.

Yes. The employer simply purchases further points from Emgage.

This is down to the policy that each individual employer wishes to exercise. Some may wish to allow redemption, others may wish to rescind points if the employee leaves of their volition.

Once an employee redeems the points against a product or service, the RRP value would appear on their P11D and they would therefore incur a tax liability based upon that value.


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    Customer Support

    We take price is having 100% customer support for our software

  • 25th

    Customer Support

    We take price is having 100% customer support for our software

  • 25th

    Customer Support

    We take price is having 100% customer support for our software

  • 25th

    Customer Support

    We take price is having 100% customer support for our software